What happens when you pair a celebrity private chef-event planner with a big open outdoor space and a long handmade red wooden table under a huge fig tree? You start a supper club cooking class, Under The Fig Tree!

Starting this September, Chef Sean O'Keefe will share his culinary creations with Atlanta in his new outdoor kitchen on the Westside. Utilizing grills, smokers and a tented dining room, Sean and his guests will prepare and enjoy seasonal menus of freshly harvested ingredients from his garden and feast under the fig tree.

Be it a neighborhood get-together, group of friends, team-building exercise or mini fundraiser, Chef Sean will host groups of 20 each Sunday from September 8 to October 20, 2013.

Taking reservations now.


Panzanella: the perfect summer salad.
Yummy. This is one of Sean OKeefe Events favorite salads for the summer. Sean is actually having it for dinner tonight! [link]
summer grilling burger and hot dog bar
Atlanta & Company feels like home to Sean these days. This feel good summer grilling segment was fun and Rashan Ali loved the cheeseburger. Thanks Evelyn Mims, you are my hero! [link]
SOE Says
Keep current on all things that are going on with Sean Okeefe Events. It has been a very busy summer and you might have missed something. Luckily we have YouTube! Check out our collection of entertaining and event ideas for the summer and so much more. [link]
Sean O'Keefe Events had fun showering a soon to be mom this weekend. Can you guess if the baby is a boy or girl? [link]
Sean OKeefe Events updated their cover photo. [link]
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June 3, 2013
When It Rains, Let The Good Times Pour
By Sarah Dodge

Chic hats galore, a giant grey goose ice sculpture, elegant show horses, happy dispositions, and a rainstorm to top all rainstorms were just a few of the describing phrases one might use in reference to this year's Down Home Derby benefiting the Child Development Association of Roswell, Georgia. I'll be the first to admit that driving to Alpharetta in the pouring rain and parking my car in a mudslide did not set my spirits high. Even in my first few minutes there, the deluge of water around the tent and the fact that attendees breaths were visible in the cold made me wonder if I had wandered into some other universe that was not Georgia in MAY!!!

Thankfully though, once I got my camera set up and started shooting, my attitude improved and I had the honor of capturing a very successful and lovely fundraising event. Sean O’Keefe Events once again successfully executed the evening with a delectable meal sponsored by 5 Season’s Brewery in Alpharetta. The mind blowing weather quickly took


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